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No 1 Orthodontics in Derby is called No 1 for a reason. The team offers each patient a bespoke journey to a perfect smile, using a range of orthodontic solutions delivered by professionals in the orthodontic field. At No 1 Orthodontics, the team not only wants to achieve the very best result for each patient, they want to ensure the experience along the way is fun, enjoyable and memorable.

No 1 Orthodontics is led by award-winning specialist orthodontists Dr Anne-Marie Smith and Dr Anjli Patel, both of whom have won the prestigious Chapman Prize. No other orthodontic practice has two Chapman Prize winning orthodontists on its team. Patients at the Derbyshire clinic can meet with the team by booking a free 20minute consultation to discuss their options for orthodontic treatment.

Orthodontic treatments available at No 1 Orthodontics in Derbyshire include ceramic, fixed and lingual braces as well as Invisalign. Snoring appliances and teeth whitening treatment are also on offer. The team have treatment designed specifically for children and those wanting a fast result as well. All treatment is available via payment plans which have been designed to suit each patient.

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