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Looking after your braces

To get the best results from your braces you need to ensure they are kept in good condition. Here are five top tips on caring for your braces. 

  1. Use a soft toothbrush: Food can get stuck in the wires and brackets of your braces so it’s important to clean your teeth after every meal. Brush gently around each bracket with a soft toothbrush to dislodge any food and ensure plaque doesn’t build up. 

  2.  Maintain your oral hygiene routine: Continue to brush and floss your teeth while wearing braces. Plaque and bacteria can quickly build up if food gets caught in your braces, but a good oral hygiene routine will help keep this at bay. 

  3. Rinse with mouthwash: Rinsing with a fluoride mouthwash every time you clean your teeth will not only help keep bacteria at bay, it will also help to strengthen your teeth. It can also ensure good gum health. 

  4. Use disclosing tablets: Disclosing tablets help you see where plaque is building up on your teeth. As you chew the tablets, a pink colour is released, staining any plaque. By identifying these areas, you will know which teeth to give a little extra brushing too. 

  5. Eat well: There aren’t too many restrictions on what you can and can’t eat while having orthodontic treatment but there are a few guidelines you should follow which we’ve outlined on our food and drink page.

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